Sergio Soldevilla wins Superprizepool 2017

Superprizepool’s day 3 started with 35 players in the room, and a prizepool of €174,585o. Therefore, the winner was going to take €45,000 home.

The desperate “all in” begun early and quite a few players had to leave.

Enrique Llobell was first, followed by Salvador Monesteiro, Bartomeu Barceló, Jordi Cayuela, David Castaño, Mihai Croitoru, Cosmin, José Ramón Olivares, José Besalduch, Serge Attyasse, Fermín Rodriguez and Alberto Ortega.

Iván Molina e Isaac Chapi doublled themselves and got comfortable, as Sergio Soldevilla who was very aggresive. When the bubble broke Alberto Martínez, Roberto Garín and Didac didn’t make it and Cristian Sargues got out.

These were the stacks for the final table.

1- Paul Lozano 1,385,000 points

2- Sergio Soldevila 705,000 points

3- Miroslav Alilovic 3,275,000 points

4- Iván Molina 720,000 points

5- Isaac Chapi 3,180,000 points

6- Javier Fernández 1,650,000 points

7- Francisco Trujillo 1,090,000 points

8- Gabino Peñaranda 2,685,000 points

9- Marco Antonio Suarez 1,055,000 points

The first player, Miroslav Alilovic,  was eliminated right before dinner time. He was the chip leader at the beginning o the day, but he had to face Isaac and Sergio who were very strong

Iván Molina’s performance was shaky from the beginning of the day and he got out next.

Javier Fernández also got ot and Sergio was next with yet another flip with KJ off vs a 44 by Sergio Soldevillan.

Gabino Peñadrada doubled to get 4,000,000 points while Paul Lozano “Vilacrack” did the same but ended up leaving the table next.

Marco Antonio Suarez fell after a flip against Gabino Peñadrada, who paid his all in with 88 vs Ad Qp by Marco Antonio.

Francisco Trujillo lost against Sergio with Kp Qt vs Ac Jp leaving just 3 on the table. The three counted chips and decided to split the remaning €82,440.

Sergio Soldevilla with 6,725,000 points. Isaac Chapi 4,985,000 points and Gabino Peñadrada 4,035,000 points.

Sergio Soldevilla thus became the tournament winner.


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