Poker CASH

Casino Cirsa Valencia offers six types of tables regularly (the offer is increased during exceptional festivals). Our tables range from €1-2  until €10-20. However, private tables are opened on demand for larger blinds.  

Poker Blind Rake Cap
TEXAS 1 - 3€ 5% 12€
TEXAS 2 - 5€ 5% 15€
TEXAS 5 - 10€ 4% 15€
TEXAS 10 - 20€ 4% 20€
OMAHA 1 - 3€ 5% 15€
OMAHA 5 - 5€ 5% 15€

Tables open at 16:00h until 04:00h and 05:00h (friday and saturday).


Valencia Poker House, your new poker house

Valencia Poker House is a cozy space, designed from the poker player perspective, where comfort and exclusivity stand out.

Enjoy our VIP tables, equipped with mobile telephone contact chargers, ergonomic coasters along the table frame. Additionally, our chairs are equipped with wheels, headrest, armrest and can be regulated in height.

Buy chips and/or register for your favorite tournament faster in one single desk. No need to move around.

Also, if you want to eat something, you can stay in the poker room stools.

more points, more poker

¡Get more points to your stack!

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