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How slot tournaments work

  1. To be eligible to participate, you need to accumulate 1,200 points in your CIRSA Winner Club card during the 30 days prior to the tournament. Then you will be able to register using the kiosc.
  2. Each tournament has two to three rounds:  classifier, semifinal and final. Each round may have different rounds. Tournament direction will establish who will make it to the next round (the best players of each round or the best players of each game) which will be communicated before hand.
  3. The available credits for each game will be also established by the tournament direction.
  4. Players cannot pause during the game.
  5. Prizes will be awarded for the three best players of the last round.
  6. The maximum number of players allowed will be established by the organzation. Casino CIRSA Valencia will determine the participation schedule.
  7. Slots in which the tournament will be celebrated will be announced before hand.
  8. Free credit vouchers and tournament registration are personal and cannot be transferred.
  9. Selling or buying free credit vouchers is strictly forbidden.