Color matters

One of the details that we care more about here at Casino Cirsa Valencia is color. We always try to match the predominant colors of the room with those showcased in your company logo.

Check this example: on the 22nd of september we held an event for Expojoc, a local trade show. Their logo is black and red. Therefore, we did this:

  • The light arches in the room were set to red.
  • Musicians on the stage weared black clothes but the singer weared a glossy red dress.
  • Courtains behind the band were also black but we projected soft red lights against them.
  • Cocktail tables had black clothes and red candles.
  • Napkins were black.
  • The photographer wore red, waiters wore black and our maitre wore black with a red tie.

These are subtle details but they make a difference.

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