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For this Christmas meal, don’t stay at home!

After Christmas Eve, it is time to be served. To rest and enjoy being with our loved ones. We don’t want to stay at home, we don’t want to complicate things. We want others to take care of everything for a day.

Let us surprise you with a great Christmas meal. You deserve it. Merry Christmas.

Christmas Menu

(Sunday, 25 December 2022)

Individual Starters

Tasting of crab cream

Prawn salpicon, marinated salmon and mussels in brine seasoned with our Japanese vinaigrette

Main course

Moulded leg of lamb and caramelised pineapple taco with citrus and aromatic herbs sauce.

And for dessert

Crunchy hazelnut and white chocolate mousse with coffee and Amaretto sauce

Coffee and infusions

Glass of Cava and Christmas Sweets

The Wine Cellar:

Mineral water, soft drinks and beer

White wine, Juan de Juanes, D.O. Valencia

Red wine, Madame Bobalú, D.O. Valencia


Price: 52,95 € (tax incl.)



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