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Detox Menu

It’s summer time! This is when we [finally!] take a break and skip routine… also when it comes to dinner! It’s hot and we want to have fresher, lighter products. Casino CIRSA and its chef Julio Sanchís present “Detox Km. 0”, a gastronomic proposal for Friday nights.

Menú detox kmO

In August, enjoy our detox menu for a price no one can beat!


Mussels with vegetables vinagrette

mejillones con hortalizas

Cherry Gazpacho with umeboshi vinegar

gazpacho de cerezas con vinagre

Zucchini Rolls stuffed with cheese and dry tomatoes

rollitos de calabacín

Detox Salad: lettuce, spinaches, nuts, cucumber, avocado and berries 

Ensalada detox

Seabass over snap peas

lomo de corvina

Fruit salad with orange juice and cinamon

ensalada de frutas

Green tea


The cellar:

White wine, Juan de Juanes, D.O. Valencia

Red wine, El Corral, D.O. Requena


Price: €24.95 (VAT included)

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