For this Christmas meal, don’t stay at home!

At Christmas lunch, it’s nice to let others take care of everything for a day: Christmas menu at Casino CIRSA!

Poker Experience

Ideal for companies and groups of friends, the Poker Experience pack allows you to play a private game of Poker. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know how to play, our croupiers will teach you how to play.

Where to watch the Superbowl in Valencia

La 53ª edición anual de la Super Bowl (Super Bowl LIII) se celebrará la madrugada del domingo 3 al lunes 4 de febrero en el flamante nuevo estadio de los Falcons de Atlanta. Un espectáculo que no te puedes perder.

Give bites to life

Orange is not just a color. It is vitality, joy and optimism. An orange menu to eat “life with bites”.

Your logo featured on our screens

When you choose us to organize your company event, you are not just choosing a glamourous space and a fantastic menu, you are also choosing total customization. Your brand colors

Detox Menu

Descubre el menú más saludable. Detox Km 0, un menú bueno para el paladar y para el cuerpo, basado en producto de cercanía.

Javier López takes the first MedPO home

El paso de MEDPO por Valencia se salda con más de 200 jugadores y un pot de 100.000€.

Smokers will enjoy our new texas table

Recently we just added a new Poker Ultimate Texas iTable (a table with tactile screens) in our terrace, thus becoming the first Poker table for smokers in our region.

Play the PokerStars Megastack Satellite for free!

Do you love Poker? If you do now you have the chance to play the PokerStars Megastack Valencia Satellite for free.

Every Monday, Cash Poker

Get to know our Monday poker special: Cash Day.

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